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It can be seen that the gap between rich and poor is increasingly clear in Vietnam in general and in Thai Nguyen province in particular. After 20 years of innovation along with the country, the economy and society of Thai Nguyen city has increased significantly and achieved important developmental milestones. However, along with the development, the gap of rich and poor between segments of the population and the gap between incomes in the urban areas were also extended. In order to impulse the process of industrialization – modernization as well as reduce poverty rate, Thai Nguyen city should implement more essential policies and projects to improve the lives of citizen, as well as impulse the ​​economy of the city for the purpose of sustainable development.

First-Ever Use of Oral Cholera Vaccine During Outbreak in Africa

MSF vaccination campaign in Guinea shows feasibility of oral cholera vaccine for control of future epidemics


Paris/New York, October 17, 2013—In a report published today in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, the international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and its scientific research arm, Epicentre, present results of one of the first-ever, large-scale uses of an oral cholera vaccine during a cholera outbreak—a major breakthrough in the understanding and future control of deadly cholera epidemics.

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STAR-TIDES - Typhoon Haiyan Update (As of 15 November 2013)

The strength of STAR-TIDES is in its knowledge-sharing rather than as an operations center or a logistics hub.   We would like to do what is most useful in providing reach-back support.  Below are the latest updates from 4 broad areas (Equipment, Communications, Coordination, and Documentation):



During the developing process, the economic production activities have produced a great deal of waste, especially harmful waste. In Viet Nam in general and Thai Nguyen in particular, due to the diversity and rapid development of various types of industry, the hazardous wastes that are mentioned above become more and more. The more wastes are generated; the more serious threats affect environment and human health.

I. Situation

1. Household waste

Struggling to Cope — Haiyan’s Aftermath: Live Blog


A young survivor rests on a pedicab surrounded by debris caused by Super Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban in the eastern Philippine island of Leyte on Nov. 11, 2013  NOEL CELIS / AFP / Getty Images

submitted by Albert Gomez - by Time Staff - November 12, 2013

Five days after the world’s strongest typhoon to date wreaked havoc across the Philippine archipelago, the extent of the damage wrought by Haiyan (known in the Philippines as Yolanda) is just starting to become known. TIME will continue to update this page with the latest information about ongoing relief efforts and stories from affected areas. Times given are U.S. Eastern time.


Why the Philippines Wasn’t Ready for Typhoon Haiyan


Destruction in the Philippines' Leyte province. (Ryan Lim/Malacanang Photo Bureau via Getty Images)

submitted by Mike Kraft - by Max Fisher - November 11, 2013

The typhoon that tore through the Philippines on Friday threw the country into such turmoil that, days later, public officials are reporting wildly different death tolls. The government disaster relief agency announced 229 killed, the army reported 942 and local officials in the devastated provence of Leyte went as high as 10,000. But none are much more than estimates, given that emergency workers still can't reach some of the worst-affected areas.


Engaging Community Resilience for Change in Andar District, Afghanistan

The following article shows how different communities use their energy to create an enabling environment for peace and development. However, some communities have the same context. By: Hotak

‘Comparing two insecure districts in Afghanistan, where research shows how each community engaged their resiliencies based on the existing context’……..


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