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Ebola - West Africa

An expanding list of information resources on Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa beginning March 2016 . . .

CLICK HERE - Forty Years Later, Ebola Survivors are Still Making Antibodies to the Lethal Virus - December 14, 2017

CLICK HERE - Where Does the Ebola Virus Hide Between Outbreaks?

CLICK HERE - CDC - EID - Operational Research during the Ebola Emergency

CLICK HERE - Tulane researchers help find possible explanation for unparalleled spread of Ebola virus | Tulane News

CLICK HERE - Journal of Virology - Ebola Virus Delta Peptide is a Viroporin

CLICK HERE - Huge Genome Study Dissects Ebola Outbreak's Spread

CLICK HERE - International Research Effort Reveals Major Insights Into Spread of West African Ebola Epidemic

CLICK HERE - Blocking TLR4 Pathway May Help Control Ebola Infection

CLICK HERE - IPI - The Mission to Stop Ebola: Lessons for UN Crisis Response

CLICK HERE - Ebola 'Super-Spreaders' Cause Most Cases

CLICK HERE - First Ebola-Related Death from Breast Milk Transmission Reported in Guinea

CLICK HERE - Ebola RNA Found Hiding in Healthcare Worker’s Lungs

CLICK HERE - Final Trial Results Confirm Ebola Vaccine Provides High Protection Against Disease

CLICK HERE - CDC - MMWR - Monitoring of Persons with Risk for Exposure to Ebola Virus — United States, November 3, 2014–December 27, 2015

CLICK HERE - PLOS - Community Event-Based Surveillance for Ebola Virus Disease in Sierra Leone: Implementation of a National-Level System During a Crisis

CLICK HERE - Impact of interventions and the incidence of ebola virus disease in Liberia—implications for future epidemics

CLICK HERE - People with Ebola may not always show symptoms

CLICK HERE - Study Suggests Ebola Outbreak Was More Widespread

CLICK HERE - Guinea launches centre to fight Ebola

CLICK HERE - The lingering shadow of Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone

CLICK HERE - How Ebola Adapted to Us

CLICK HERE - New Report Highlights Fragile State Of Food Security In Sierra Leone After Ebola Outbreak

CLICK HERE - reliefweb - The Government of the Republic of Guinea establishes the National Post-Ebola Recovery and Resilience Fund

CLICK HERE - Searching for Ebola’s hideout

CLICK HERE - Post-Ebola, West Africans Flock Back to Bushmeat, With Risk

CLICK HERE - Ebola cluster traced to sexual transmission 15 months after man's illness

CLICK HERE - Ebola virus persists in semen far longer than thought, study finds

CLICK HERE - NEJM - After Ebola in West Africa — Unpredictable Risks, Preventable Epidemics

CLICK HERE - Why Congress’ Zika impasse could awaken Ebola menace

CLICK HERE - CDC - MMWR - Overview, Control Strategies, and Lessons Learned in the CDC Response to the 2014–2016 Ebola Epidemic

CLICK HERE - CDC releases comprehensive history of Ebola response: 5 things to know

CLICK HERE - World Bank Contributes to Improved Disease Surveillance and Health Systems in West Africa following Ebola Epidemic

CLICK HERE - Ibuprofen 'Disables' Ebola Virus

CLICK HERE - First-of-its-kind CDC study finds clues about why only some survive Ebola virus

CLICK HERE - Ebola Virus Can Live in More Animals Than Once Thought

CLICK HERE - Liberia Declared Ebola-free for 4th Time

CLICK HERE - World Health Organization Declares End of Ebola Virus in Guinea

CLICK HERE - Ebola nurse: 'no medics available when I called NHS helpline'

CLICK HERE - World Bank - 2014-2015 West Africa Ebola Crisis: Impact Update

CLICK HERE - Sexual transmission involved in tail end of Ebola epidemic

CLICK HERE - Deadly Ebola virus detected in sperm of survivors months after recovery

CLICK HERE - WHO - Ebola Situation Report - 12 May 2016

CLICK HERE - Ebola, commodity price fall cost Guinea $500 mln in lost revenue

CLICK HERE - Liberia: Sierra Leone - Liberia Call for More Collaboration to End Ebola

CLICK HERE - Heightened Surveillance: Liberia and Guinea Discharge Ebola Patients

CLICK HERE - Ebola virus does a total shutdown to hide before a fresh strike

CLICK HERE - WHO - Ebola - Situation Report - 28 April 2016 (10 page .PDF report)

CLICK HERE - Ebola Carriers? Why The Virus Keeps Coming Back

CLICK HERE - Guinea - Ebola Situation Report - 18 April 2016

CLICK HERE - Liberia's Ebola cluster grows to 3, linked to fatal case in Guinea

CLICK HERE - WHO - Liberia and Guinea step up coordination to stem new cases of Ebola

CLICK HERE - White House to transfer Ebola funds to combat Zika virus

CLICK HERE - Ebola claims another victim in Guinea as vaccinations ramped up

CLICK HERE - WHO - Emergency response to Ebola flare underway in Liberia. Case investigation widens to Guinea

CLICK HERE - 46 Ebola Contacts Identified in Liberia Latest Case of Virus

CLICK HERE - Boy tests positive for Ebola in latest Liberia flare-up

CLICK HERE - Liberia suffers new Ebola death, months after outbreak declared over

CLICK HERE - Death toll rises to 7 in Guinea Ebola outbreak

CLICK HERE - WHO - Ebola Situation Report - 30 March 2016

CLICK HERE - Two Ebola deaths and three suspected cases in Guinea 'flare-up’


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