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U.S. Government Scientists Go 'Rogue' in Defiance of Trump


Badlands National Park in South Dakota is pictured in this July 16, 2014 handout photo.
Badlands National Park/Handout via REUTERS - by Steve Gorman - January 26, 2017

Employees from more than a dozen U.S. government agencies have established a network of unofficial "rogue" Twitter feeds in defiance of what they see as attempts by President Donald Trump to muzzle federal climate change research and other science.

Seizing on Trump's favorite mode of discourse, scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency, NASA and other bureaus have privately launched Twitter accounts - borrowing names and logos of their agencies - to protest restrictions they view as censorship and provide unfettered platforms for information the new administration has curtailed.



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New Global Education In Emergencies Fund To Be Launched At World Humanitarian Summit

The world's leading countries, companies and philanthropists will join forces to create a 'major breakthrough' to provide education for millions of children displaced by conflicts and natural disasters.The new 'Education Cannot Wait' fund will be launched next week at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul.

A historic, global-first hailed a 'game changer,' the fund targets the needs of 75 million children and youth impacted by crisis, disaster and conflict.


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Zika Virus - Fight the Bite - NLM - NIH - Presentations in Medicine for High School Students - April 2016 - Published May 9, 2016

Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner talks to students in a National Library of Medicine Distance Learning Program about the Zika virus and how information technology can be used in efforts to combat it.

Presentations in Medicine for High School Students

Video Presentation - Zika Virus - Fight the Bite

Video Presentation - YouTube - Zika Virus - Fight the Bite

Slideshow - Zika Virus - Fight the Bite (36 page .PDF file)

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Over 1 Million Children Out Of School Due To Boko Haram Attacks: UN


Members of the Bring Back Our Girls group campaigning for the release of the Chibok schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram Islamists march to meet with the Nigerian president in Abuja, on July 8, 2015. Members of the BringBackOurGirls campaign group marched on July 8 to meet President Mohammadu Buhari to pressure him to end the deadly Boko Haram insurgency and free 219 schoolgirls held by the group since April 2014.  PHILIP OJISUA VIA GETTY IMAGES

UNICEF has been able to reach 67,000 students by setting up temporary learning spaces and renovating and expanding schools. - by Eleanor Goldberg - December 22, 2015

As Boko Haram continues to wage targeted attacks against civilians in northeastern Nigeria and its neighboring countries, more than 1 million children have been forced out of school -- a consequence that leaves them more susceptible to violence, poverty and child marriage. 

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New Data Reveals Which Approach to Helping the Poor Actually Works


An Ethiopian man examines his crop near Korom in northern Tigray province, November 25, 2004.
REUTERS/Radu Sigheti

CLICK HERE - RESEARCH - A multifaceted program causes lasting progress for the very poor: Evidence from six countries - by Dean Karlan - June 17, 2015

For years, policymakers have debated different approaches to helping the poor . . . new data, published in May after a nine-year, six-country study, offers resounding evidence for a strategy that works.  An approach known as a "Graduation" program is such a strategy.

Organizations employing this approach had been offering participants a “productive asset” (an asset that generates income, such as livestock or supplies to sell in a small store), training on how to use it, healthcare to keep them healthy enough to work, a small amount of food or money to support themselves while they learned to make a living (so they didn’t have to sell the asset immediately, merely to eat), access to a savings account to build up a buffer for future emergencies, and weekly coaching in areas like overcoming unexpected obstacles and meeting their savings goals.

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Assessment of the Effect of Ebola on Education in Liberia - February 2015

submitted by Carrie La Jeunesse

CLICK HERE - Assessment of the Effect of Ebola on Education in Liberia - February 2015
(47 page .PDF report) - February 26, 2015

Following the Ebola outbreak, schools in Liberia were ordered closed in July 2014. They remained closed for more than 7 months, until the start of the school year 2014/2015, from 16 February onwards. In order to determine the impact of Ebola on education in Liberia, the Ministry of Education (MoE) and partners agreed to conduct a Joint Education Needs Assessment aimed at informing a) The reopening of the schools at the national, county and district level, and b) The upcoming education sector review.

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Five million children out of school in West Africa due to Ebola

REUTERS-by  Misha Hussain                                   Dec. 3, 2014

DAKAR, Senegal   - Some five million children are out of school in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone because of the deadly Ebola outbreak, according to a report by the Global Business Coalition for Education.

A man walks by a mural with health instructions on treating the Ebola virus, in Monrovia, November 18, 2014. Credit: Reuters/James Giahyue

Schools and other public buildings have been closed because they are believed to increase the spread of the virus. Many are now used as holding centers for Ebola patients.

The report, co-written with A World at School, said being out of school can have a crippling impact on vulnerable children, especially girls, who are more likely to face high-risk situations as a result, including early marriage and pregnancy.

If schools are not reopened, the most vulnerable children will become trapped in a cycle of poverty with devastating consequences for their health and economic development, the report said.

Read complete story.

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Class from International Baccalaureate School in Houston Seeks Ebola Education from Global Resilience System

Pictured here are the students in
Ms. Appel’s class in Houston, gathering information on the Ebola virus
from a Global Resilience System volunteer, Kathy Gilbeaux, with their website shown in the background. 
Photo Credit: Emma Goerges

On Thursday, a fifth grade class from an International Baccalaureate school in Houston sought answers to their questions regarding the Ebola virus. After a short period of investigating its symptoms, spread, and severity, the students were left with several unanswered questions. Specifically, the students continued to inquire about the origin of Ebola, details of its spread to Texas, in what ways the United States is helping, and Ebola treatment options.

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