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Global Health Governance - Reform of the World Health Organization

CLICK HERE - Global Health Governance - Reform of the World Health Organization - Spring 2017 - Special Issue (77 page .PDF report) - by Tine Hanrieder and Adam Kamradt-Scott
May 30, 2017

Introduction (Excerpt)

. . . the WHO is once again in the midst of an extensive reform process instigated by its member states. This latest reform process represents a continuation of organizational restructuring and change that has been, quite literally, underway for decades now. In particular, appointments of new directors-general have time and again been accompanied by promises of all-out change and organizational renewal, even though continuities abound. Commentators keep blaming the WHO’s bureaucratic, fragmented, and sometimes inefficient methods of work, and they keep assuring that the world nevertheless needs the WHO as a legitimate standard setter and focal coordinator for global health. States and donors keep supporting the WHO rhetorically, but fail to commit to more sustainable funding of the organization. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) keep pushing for more access and transparency at the WHO, but are faced with multiple barriers to access and a regime that does not differentiate between for-profit and not-for-profit civil society actors.

Still, these continuities can hardly detract from several substantive changes at the WHO – based on a mix of ongoing gradual transformations and more abrupt developments. The authors in this special forum discuss several of those developments and their implications.


CLICK HERE - Global Health Governance - Special Issue: Reform of the World Health Organization



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