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Well, At Least One Catastrophic Climate Scenario Is Looking Less Likely


An aggregation of methane ice worms seen on a methane hydrate in the Gulf of Mexico. Image: NOAA

CLICK HERE - STUDY - Limited contribution of ancient methane to surface waters of the U.S. Beaufort Sea shelf - by Maddie Stone - January 18, 2018

There’s been loads of media hype regarding the Arctic “methane bomb,” an idea that rising temperatures could cause a pulse of ancient methane, locked in permafrost and frozen hydrates on the ocean floor, to escape to the atmosphere, triggering catastrophic global warming. Well, we have some positive news for you: a new study finds little evidence to support this scenario playing out in at least one fast-warming part of the world . . .

 . . . “Our data suggest that even if increasing amounts of methane are released from degrading hydrates as climate change proceeds, catastrophic emission to the atmosphere is not an inherent outcome,” lead study author Katy Sparrow of the University of Rochester said in a statement.


CLICK HERE - PRESS RELEASE - Release of ancient methane due to changing climate kept in check by ocean waters

CLICK HERE - REVIEW PAPER - The interaction of climate change and methane hydrates


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