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Median Income in Dollars


Percent of Population Without High School Diploma


Percent of Population with High School Diploma


Percent of Population with Higher Degree

Housing and Emergency Shelter after Hurricane Irma

  • Damage by Type                           Electrical Power Outage 96.7% 96.7%
  • Tree Damage 73.3% 73.3%
  • Roof Damage 23.3% 23.3%
  • Water Damage 20% 20%
  • Source of Repair Funds                                                    FEMA 100% 100%
  • Survey Respondents’ Housing Type          SIngle Family Home 80% 80%
  • Apartment 16.7% 16.7%


Percent Who Had Sufficient Information in the Last Hurricance/Disaster to Make Appropriate Decision


Percent Who Had Sufficient Information in the Last Hurricance/Disaster to Make Appropriate Decision About Evacuation


Percent Who Were Able to Get Supplies Needed to Shelter in Place


Percent Who Knew Location of Nearest Emergency Shelter, How to Get There, and What to Take With Them

Vulnerability Assessment Survey

Respondents ranked 26 different functions that are critical for a society to function. The rankings were from 1, which was “Most Vulnerable.” to 7, which was “Resilient and Sustainable.”

The 5 societal functions to the right had the lowest rankings, which appear in parentheses next to the function description.

  • Top 5 Priority Gaps Identified                                                                              Renewable vs. Grid Energy (1.07)
  • Energy for Lighting & Cooking (1.31)
  • Water Infrastructure (1.59)
  • Climate Threat Mitigation & Transformation (2.16)
  • Energy for Temperature Management (2.30)

Identified Hazards in Miami-Dade County

Hurricane or Tropical Storm

Miami-Dade County has a 16% chance of a tropical cyclone in any given year.


Miami Dade County has a 71% chance of drought in any given year. There were 48 droughts between 1950 and 2017.


There were 136 tornadoes in Miami Dade County from 1950 to 2017.

Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection Contamination Locator Map

Search for Superfund and Brownfield sites, Active and Pending Petroleum Cleanup sites and Other Contamination Cleanup sites on the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Contamination Locator Map.You can search by Address, Zip Code or City. You can print the information about contaminated sites, or click through to all the documents relevant to the site since it was identified as a contamination site.

Click on the map to the left to enlarge it. The yellow triangle shows the location of an “Other Waste Cleanup Site” in North Miami. Details are available by map search.

Frequently Asked Questions

What were the top vulnerabilities identified in the Mission Critical Functions Surveys?
  1. Renewable vs. Grid Energy
  2. Energy for Lighting & Cooking
  3. Water Infrastructure
  4. Climate Threat Mitigation & Transformation
  5. Energy for Temperature Management
What were the top concerns discussed at the Community Forum?
  1. Communication
  2. Food & Water Security
What are the community's proposed solutions for priority concerns and the resources needed to address them?

1. Use the North Miami shuttle services that are currently free for residents as a mean of transportation for emergency evacuations

2. Improving gaps through better communication regarding shelters and operating status, and evacuation plans 

3. Have a hurricane hotline to contact residents just like they do during electoral campaigns

4. In addition to TV commercials, flyers, brochures, also attached emergency preparation memos to utility bills to inform residents

5. Have food and water stocked before hurricanes as well as ensuring elderly have access to these resources first or on a priority basis

Florida Disaster Resilience Initiative Summary Report: North Miami

Contact Janice T. Booher, MS at or Joanne Perodin, MPH at with questions.


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