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Resources - Energy - Communication - Water - Sanitation

Here we present a list of ideas and resources that might be beneficial for use in disaster response, or for use in areas with inadequate infrastructure . . .



A Box Full of Light Saves Lives

Voltaic Systems - Solar Chargers

Solight - Portable Solar Lights

Luci EMRG - MPowered - Solar Lantern

Lighting Up a Village - This Is How We Did It

Off-Grid Lighting Found in Filled Water Bottles

How My Mobile Devices are Ready for the Next Storm: Fenix ReadySet



Meet BRCK, a Backup Generator for the Internet

Feedback on BRCK – Evert Bopp – Disaster Tech Lab

Disaster Tech lab

The Story of Cholera – Downloads

To Prevent the Spread of an Invisible Killer, Global Health Media Project Animation Makes Cholera Visible

Disaster-Zone Phone Communication Software Available for Free

Pocket Guide - Development and Operation of a Cholera Treatment Center (CTC) - (English, French, & Spanish)

Cholera: Questions & Answers

Haiti Cholera Training Manual: A Full Course (and Short Course) for Medical Providers



Folding Saris to Filter Cholera-Contaminated Water

Research - Folding Saris to Filter Cholera-Contaminated Water

Simple filtration method to remove plankton-associated Vibrio cholera

The link between saris and cholera (Rita Colwell – water filtration)

This Tower Pulls Drinking Water Out of Thin Air

Searching for Water in an Untapped Source: the Air

MSR - SE200™ Community Chlorine Maker

Readily Available - Chlorinators and Chlorine Tablets - International Action

CDC - P&G - Purifier of Water - Flocculant/Disinfectant Powder

Photos - WaterBrick International, Inc. - WaterBricks Utilized in Haiti

bob - Rain Water Bag

Multiple-Use Water Systems in Nepal
bob(R) featured in Global Waters

Water Projects in Northern Haiti

Study Abroad Field Trip Brings Clean Water to Haiti

Oxfam Water Bladder

Oxfam in Haiti: Fighting Cholera with Clean Water / International Action -

Re: International Action –

International Action -

Wind-powered Water Seer pulls 11 gallons of clean drinking water from thin air

The fog catcher who brings water to the poor



SOIL – Emergency Toilets

Gates Foundation - Andrew Larsen - Very Low Cost Emergency Sanitation Structure

Video - Ecological Sanitation in Haiti, by, 2010 and 2011

Video - Promoting Humanure Composting in Haiti and Why It Matters

Video - Humanure Composting in Haiti - Compost Workshop #1 - May 2010

Video - Humanure Composting in Haiti - Compost Workshop #2 - May 2010

Problem, Solution, SitRep, or ?: 
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