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Brazil - Ministry of Health (MOH) - Situation Reports - Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika

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WHO - Zika virus and potential complications: Questions and answers

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First Commercial Zika Virus Test Gets FDA Approval

CLICK HERE - Quest Diagnostics - Zika Virus Infection - Important Testing Information and Helpful Resources

nbcnews.com - by Maggie Fox - April 28, 2016

The first commercial U.S. test to diagnose Zika virus won emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration Thursday.

It's a rare piece of good news as states and the federal government struggle to get out ahead of the Zika virus epidemic as it makes its way north to the U.S.

Quest Diagnostics says it should be able to handle any demand for the test, which uses the same method that government labs use to look for Zika virus in a patient's blood.



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Ebola Carriers? Why The Virus Keeps Coming Back


Source: World Health Organization - Credit: Michaeleen Doucleff and Alyson Hurt/NPR

CLICK HERE - RESEARCH - Reduced evolutionary rate in reemerged Ebola virus transmission chains

The West African countries at the center of the epidemic have had flareups even after being declared Ebola-free by the World Health Organization.

npr.org - by Michaeleen Doucleff - April 29, 2016

Just when health officials think the Ebola outbreak is over in West Africa, the virus pops up again seemingly out of the blue. It's happened at least five times so far.

Now scientists are starting to figure out why: The virus can lay dormant in a survivor for more than year and then re-emerge to infect others.

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Civil Society calls for more intervention in Health

The Coordinator, Health for all Coalition, Victor Lansana Koroma has called on Government and health partners to invest more resources in order to maintain progress in the fight against malaria.



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Liberia: Vaccine launch, opposition party’s planned rally dominate media

Liberia’s launch of two new vaccines and the planned rally by main opposition Congress for Democratic Change, on Thursday dominate the headlines in the Thursday, April 28 editions of Liberian newspapers.The Congress for Democratic Change of former World Soccer Best player George Weah is Thursday holding a rally to petition its standard bearer, George Weah to contest the 2017 presidential race.

During a meeting the party held with the Liberia National Police, the police advised it (CDC) which has large support in the capital Monrovia to transport its members in vehicles to its headquarters to avoid traffic jams and obstruction of free movement.

Among other things, the police also advised the CDC to assign its party members to assist with crown control.

The New Dawn newspaper published this story as its front page banner headline under the caption: “Will it hold?-Police Order CDC to truck supporters, while the Daily Observer and Inquirer newspapers carried this story on their front pages.

The Daily Observer has the headline: For Today’s March, CDC, Police Prepare, while the Inquirer has the title: “Police, CDC Agree On Traffic.”

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World Bank: 'Technical and engineering solutions not a silver bullet' for growing waste problems

Dive Brief:


  • The World Bank reports that the following five countries generate the most waste in the world:
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Chernobyl's legacy 30 years on

Image: Dr Rachel Furley (centre) with members of the Kartuzovi family, one of the many families her charity helps.

bbc.com - April 26th 2016 - Tom Burridge

Children are still being born with severe birth defects and rare types of cancer in areas near to Chernobyl, according to a British charity, three decades on from the world's worst civil nuclear disaster.

The accident on 26 April 1986 contributed to the downfall of the Soviet Union, changed the way the world thinks about nuclear energy and has affected an unquantifiable number of people in the region.

For British paediatrician Dr Rachel Furley, the "desperately sad" reality is that women who have spent their entire lives exposed to high levels of radiation are now having children. 


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Oil producers fail to agree deal to freeze output after Saudi Arabia-Iran standoff

Most Opec members want to cap output and raise the oil price. Photograph: Sergei Karpukhin/Reuters

Image: Most Opec members want to cap output and raise the oil price. Photograph: Sergei Karpukhin/Reuters

theguardian.com - April 17th 2016 - Simon Goodley

The world’s major oil producing nations failed to strike an agreement on Sunday night to freeze production, saying they needed more time to agree a deal to try to buoy the price of oil.

What producers had hoped would be the first deal in 15 years ran into difficulty after Saudi Arabia – the largest exporter of oil – demanded that Iran join an agreement to freeze output.

Iran has been reluctant to agree to hold back on oil production while it attempts to return its market share to pre-sanction levels.


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COP21 - The Paris Agreement - United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


unfccc.int - April 22, 2016

CLICK HERE - COP21 - The Paris Agreement - United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

CLICK HERE - The Paris Agreement (16 page .PDF document)

CLICK HERE - Paris Agreement - Status of Ratification

CLICK HERE - Paris Agreement - information on signatories to the Agreement, ratification and entry into force

At COP 21 in Paris, Parties to the UNFCCC reached a historic agreement to combat climate change and to accelerate and intensify the actions and investments needed for a sustainable low carbon future.

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National View: Climate change affects migration of infectious disease

By William B. Miller Jr., M.D.

Posted Apr. 19, 2016 at 2:01 AM 

Zika is all over the news. Zika is surely dangerous, but it has its limitations and is likely to be well contained. However, its greater significance extends beyond any current spread. Instead, it exemplifies the crucial emerging trend of a novel infectious agent that has swiftly become a global threat.

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Ministry of Fisheries Surprises Critics, Scoops Le40 Billion


The Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Mr. Charles Rogers, has disclosed that despite the devastating effect of the outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) on the national economy for sixteen (16) months, the Ministry managed to raise a maximum different from the normal years.

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Clinical trial for experimental Ebola drug publishes results

April 19, 2016

Results of the Wellcome Trust funded trial of the experimental anti-Ebola drug TKM-130803 have been published today (April 19) in PLOS Medicine. Using a novel approach designed to get rapid indications of a drug's effectiveness, the trial showed that at the dose given the drug did not improve survival compared to historic controls.

TKM-130803 interferes with the production of two essential Ebola virus proteins and has been shown to improve survival when given to monkeys experimentally infected with Ebola virus. Scientists from the University of Oxford and Sierra Leone worked with the humanitarian organisation GOAL Global, the World Health Organisation, and collaborators from a number of other institutions to test whether TKM-130803 could improve survival in adults with Ebola infection.

The researchers used a new approach to generate early evidence of effectiveness or ineffectiveness. This method can be used as a tool to screen potential therapies and determine the need for further studies (including randomised controlled trials) during an epidemic. The approach meant that the study was quickly able to reach a pre-defined point to stop the trial.

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Guinea - Ebola: Situation Report - April 18, 2016


Translation to English via Google Translate . . .

New cases of Ebola hemorrhagic fever have been reported in the prefecture of N'Zérékoré in Forest Guinea.

Any movement in this area is not recommended except for participation in pre-approved medical missions.

epidemiological situation in the April 16, 2016

- No new confirmed case to April 16.

- Since February 29 (1st suspected case): 10 probable and confirmed cases (seven confirmed and 3 probable).

- 8 deaths (probable and confirmed cases). No health staff is concerned

1. Health monitoring of the Embassy of France

- Continuous Embassy of France to follow in real time the evolution of the situation in conjunction with the Guinean Ministry of Health, WHO and NGOs on the ground, its European partners, and in Paris with the Crisis Centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2. Tips and Recommendations

- To limit the minimum necessary traveling in areas where the epidemic is active.

- Do not eat bushmeat.

- Wash hands frequently.

- Do not touch prolonged sick with a high fever or gastroenteritis.

- When a person has on the temperature, how to deal remains: malaria research, medical and surveillance to monitor the disease.

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