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President Obama on Health Care Reform

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I recently began work as the Director of the HHS Office of Health Reform, and I wanted to share President Obama's weekly address with all of you.

This weekend the President's address focuses on the urgent need for comprehensive health reform. The President noted:
"...We know that our families, our economy, and our nation itself will not succeed in the 21st century if we continue to be held down by the weight of rapidly rising health care costs and a broken health care system."

You can watch the President's address now by visiting

One Health

The mission of the OneHealth Working Group is to integrate all health domains into one discipline worldwide.


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Health System Transformation Working Group

The mission of this Working Group is to articulate and shape issues of health care reform as well as contemplate and make recommendations for more extensive critiques and proposals for health system transformation, as may be necessary or desirable beyond the scope of traditional health care reform.

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