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Haiti - Hurricane Matthew - Cholera - News and Information Resources


CLICK HERE - OCHA - Haiti - ReliefWeb

CLICK HERE - ReliefWeb - Hurricane Matthew - 2016

CLICK HERE - ACAPS - Haiti - Hurricane Matthew

CLICK HERE - UN - OCHA - Haiti - Humanitarian Response

CLICK HERE - PAHO - WHO - Visualizations on the impact of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

CLICK HERE - NASA - Landsat Image Gallery - Hurricane Matthew’s Aftermath in Haiti

CLICK HERE - CDC - reliefweb - Controlling Cholera in Haiti: No Easy Task

CLICK HERE - Compassion and Resilience in Haiti

CLICK HERE - South Florida Charity Discovers 240 Starving Haitians Living in Cave

CLICK HERE - Desperate Haitians living in caves, eating toxic plants in post-hurricane Haiti

CLICK HERE - UN Calls for Support to Recovery Plan as Haiti Loses $2.7 Billion in Hurricane Matthew

CLICK HERE - Haiti: New grant to help UNICEF strengthen efforts to tackle cholera

CLICK HERE - Haiti: Hurricane Matthew - Situation Report No. 33 (25 January 2017)

CLICK HERE - Report: Food Stocks Low in Southern Haiti in Wake of Storm

CLICK HERE - Haiti Receives 82 Tons of Urgently Needed Medical Aid

CLICK HERE - OCHA - Haiti: Hurricane Matthew 3W - Cholera (28 Dec 2016) - List of partners by department and municipality

CLICK HERE - Haiti: Hurricane Matthew - Situation Report No.30 (26 December 2016)

CLICK HERE - Haiti: Hurricane Matthew - Situation Report No.29 (19 December 2016)

CLICK HERE - MSPP - Daily Cholera Report - 25 December 2016 (3 page .PDF report)

CLICK HERE - OCHA - Haiti: Cholera figures (23 December 2016)

CLICK HERE - OCHA - Haiti - Department of the South: Hurricane Matthew Operational Presence (to 20 December 2016)

CLICK HERE - OCHA - (Population / Data - Sud) - Haiti - Department of the South: Humanitarian scoreboard (to 20 December 2016)

CLICK HERE - Haiti Hurricane Matthew Situation Report #30 (15 December 2016)

CLICK HERE - UNICEF Haiti: Humanitarian Situation Report on Hurricane Matthew #16, 15 December 2016


CLICK HERE - DISPLACEMENT TRACKING MATRIX (DTM) Haiti—Hurricane Matthew Response - 24 November 2016 —Dashboard III

CLICK HERE - International Organization for Migration (IOM) - Haiti

CLICK HERE - Food crisis looming in Haiti as aid slow to reach Hurricane Matthew's victims

CLICK HERE - A Photographer's Journey Into Haiti’s Cholera Crisis

CLICK HERE - OCHA Hurricane Matthew - Situation Report No. 27 (04 Dec 2016)

CLICK HERE - WFP Haiti Hurricane Matthew Situation Report #28 (1 Dec 2016)

CLICK HERE - PAHO - Cholera - Epidemiological Update - 29 November 2016 - Cholera in the Americas - Situation Summary

CLICK HERE - Haiti: UN’s New Approach on Cholera Puts People at Heart of the Response

CLICK HERE - Midwives saving lives in hurricane-devastated Haiti

CLICK HERE - OCHA - Haiti: Hurricane Matthew - Situation Report No. 25 (25 November 2016)

CLICK HERE - WFP - Haiti Hurricane Matthew Situation Report #26 (22 November 2016)

CLICK HERE - UNICEF Haiti: Humanitarian Situation Report on Hurricane Matthew #14, 19 November 2016

CLICK HERE - UN OCHA - Haiti: Hurricane Matthew - Situation Report No. 14 (21 October 2016)

CLICK HERE - Cholera cases jump in hurricane-ravaged Haiti

CLICK HERE - crofsblogs - Update: Cholera cases in Haiti - October 19, 2016

CLICK HERE - Haiti - Security : The attacks on humanitarian convoys continue


CLICK HERE - A Haitian Warlord Meets His Match: Hurricane Matthew

CLICK HERE - Haiti to receive over USD20 mn payout from CCRIF following the passage of Matthew

CLICK HERE - IHI helps open a pathology lab in Port-au-Prince

CLICK HERE - The World Must Not Abandon Haiti to the Devastation Left by Hurricane Matthew

CLICK HERE - Haitians, Battered by Hurricane, Huddle in Caves: ‘This Is the Only Shelter We Have’

CLICK HERE - After Hurricane Matthew, 6 cholera centers in Haiti require repair before they can treat people

CLICK HERE - A convoy of 500 vehicles arrives from DR (Dominican Republic)

CLICK HERE - Cuba and Venezuela sent more than 200 physicians in Haiti

CLICK HERE - USS Iwo Jima, 24th MEU Deploy to Haiti for Hurricane Matthew HA/DR Missions

CLICK HERE - WHO sending 1 million cholera vaccine doses to Haiti

CLICK HERE - Hurricane Matthew: Haiti risks 'real famine', says interim president

CLICK HERE - "Horrific" scene in Haitian town in the eye of Matthew

CLICK HERE - Haiti worried about post-Matthew cholera outbreak

CLICK HERE - 'Like a nuclear bomb,' cholera and destruction after hurricane in Haiti

CLICK HERE - Photos and Detailed Maps Reveal Hurricane Matthew’s Brutal Aftermath in Haiti

CLICK HERE - Horrors left by Hurricane Matthew become clear in Haiti

CLICK HERE - Seeing ‘Nothing to Live For’ as Haiti Seeks a Body Count After Hurricane Matthew

CLICK HERE - Medics head to southwest Haiti as Cholera kills 13 in Matthew's wake

CLICK HERE - OCHA - Haiti / Cuba - Hurricane Matthew - Situation Report - 7 October 2016 (6 page .PDF report)

CLICK HERE - PLOS - Major Shift of Toxigenic V. cholerae O1 from Ogawa to Inaba Serotype Isolated from Clinical and Environmental Samples in Haiti

CLICK HERE - Hurricane Matthew Death Toll Passes 800 In Haiti, Cholera Takes Lives

CLICK HERE - PAHO Responds to Hurricane Matthew Emergency in Caribbean, prepares for cholera upsurge in Haiti

CLICK HERE - GDACS - Overall Red Tropical Cyclone alert for MATTHEW-16 in Haiti, Cuba, Bahamas from 28 Sep 2016 15:00 UTC to 02 Oct 2016 09:00 UTC

CLICK HERE - NOAA - National Hurricane Center - Hurricane Matthew

CLICK HERE - The Weather Channel - Hurricane Central

CLICK HERE - Haiti Hurricane Matthew - Emergency Evacuation Shelters - September 2016 (EN)


CLICK HERE - CONTACTS - Haiti - Direction de la Protection Civile. Liste des contacts des CTD de la PDC

CLICK HERE - Twitter - Ayiti - Pwoteksyon sivil (Haiti - Civil Protection)

CLICK HERE - Humanity Road - Hurricane Matthew - Situation Report

CLICK HERE - Hurricane Matthew: Haiti Communitere prepares to aid residents of Cite Soleil, Port au Prince’s most at-risk population

CLICK HERE - Facebook Page - Haiti Communitere

CLICK HERE - Facebook Group - Haiti Communitere

CLICK HERE - Facebook - Haiti Communitere - Hurricane Matthew: Cite Soley Preparation and Response

CLICK HERE - Haiti Libre - List of News and Situation Reports

CLICK HERE - Miami Herald - After Hurricane Matthew, cholera is once again threatening storm-ravaged Haiti

CLICK HERE - Deadly Hurricane Matthew smashes through southwest Haiti

CLICK HERE - Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti

CLICK HERE - Haitians flee homes as Hurricane Matthew hits

CLICK HERE - As Hurricane Matthew approaches Haiti, residents have nowhere to go

CLICK HERE - Haiti Libre - Matthew the situation this morning - 3 October 2016

CLICK HERE - Haiti Hunkers Down for Matthew: 'Some of Us Will Die'

CLICK HERE - As Hurricane Matthew Nears Haiti, Some Resist Going To Shelters

CLICK HERE - Miami Herald - Preparations ramp up as Haiti braces for Hurricane Matthew

CLICK HERE - Haiti Libre - Matthew approaches, Haiti in red vigilance

CLICK HERE - NBC News - 'Life-Threatening' Rains Feared as Hurricane Matthew Approaches Haiti

CLICK HERE - Reuters - Haiti on red alert for direct hit from fierce Hurricane Matthew

CLICK HERE - BBC - Hurricane Matthew: Evacuations in Haiti as powerful storm looms

CLICK HERE - CNN - Hurricane Matthew churns toward Jamaica, Haiti

CLICK HERE - Washington Post - Powerful Hurricane Matthew threatens Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba

CLICK HERE - Al Jazeera - Hurricane Matthew storms towards Haiti and Jamaica

CLICK HERE - ABC News - Hurricane Matthew Soaks Colombia, Heads for Jamaica, Haiti

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