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Zika Virus: A Newly Emergent Vector-Borne Public Health Threat in the Americas

Pujhari S, Rasgon JL. (2016) Zika virus: A newly emergent vector-borne public health threat in the Americas. PeerJ PrePrints 4:e1781v1


Zika virus is a newly emergent mosquito-borne flavivirus. Once almost ignored epidemiologically, recent major outbreaks and links to neurological birth defects have focused attention on this neglected pathogen. We review the discovery, biology and symptomatology of Zika virus, what is known and not known about the mosquitoes that transmit the virus, conspiracy theories currently hampering control efforts, and potential avenues of Zika control. It is likely that Zika virus is here to stay in the Americas, so a thorough understanding of the complete epidemiological transmission cycle and potential effects on the human population will be critical for managing this new disease in the coming years.




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